2016-2019 Four-Year Plan for Aging Services

The Area Agency on Aging

The East Central Area Agency on Aging, serving Colorado’s Region V (Cheyenne, Elbert, Lincoln and Kit Carson Counties), is among 16 designated Area Agencies on Aging within the state of Colorado. Through federal Older Americans Act grant funds, allocated to the Region via the East Central Council of Local Governments (ECCOG), the area agency utilizes these funds in conjunction with state, county, and local funds to plan for, monitor and fund an array of home and community based services and programs.
In addition to the provision of services, a wide range of responsibilities are carried out by the Area Agency on Aging, such as:

• Advocacy• Technical Assistance
• Contracting• Program Development
• Coordination• Reporting
• Education • Training
• Evaluation• Monitoring
• Needs Assessment • Planning

Today, about 8,296 individuals age 60 and over reside within the boundaries (approximately 8,400 square miles) of Region 5 on the central plains of Colorado.  This population is growing faster than any other age group.

Financial Information

The Area Agency on Aging utilizes a variety of funding sources to provide the most effective and efficient service delivery system possible.  These funding sources include:

  • Older Americans Act Title III through State Unit on Aging
  • ECCOG (East Central Council of Local Governments)
  • Local Governments (Town and County)
  • Client Donations
  • State Funding for Senior Services
  • NSIP Cash (Nutrition Services Incentive Program) – formerly USDA
  • AoA (Administration on Aging) National Family Caregiver Support
  • FTA (Federal Transit Administration) funding through CDOT’s Transit Unit