The Outback Express  



We're On the Go on the Central Plains of Colorado...

"Taking you places you need to go"



Local  719-348-5562         Long Distance  1-800-825-0208

Our System is Wheel Chair accessible!

A division of the East Central Council of Local Governments (ECCOG),  Outback Express is a coordinated public transit system serving the central plains of Colorado in the counties of Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson and Lincoln.........


                    We're On the Go  on the Central Plains of Colorado...    
                                   ..."taking you places you need to go"


This public transit system includes several transit operations, in addition to the ECCOG's regional Outback Express,  other localized services are offered through the City of Burlington, Town of Limon, Dynamic Dimensions, Inc.   


Who is eligible:  Anyone who has a need for transportation.


To provide the most responsive service possible, a combination of 19 standard vans and wheelchair accessible mini-buses provide transit services to local senior nutrition sites, for essential shopping/errands, medical appointments, to the courthouse, the post office, etc.  These vehicles also travel long distances to Denver or Colorado Springs for medical and other necessary appointments.


Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson and Lincoln counties have a very sparse population compared to our large geographic area, thus making it impossible to support scheduled commuter buses and taxi services.  Still, if you need help getting to the doctor or the grocery store, you probably can find that help in your community.


We Aim To Please: All drivers are well-qualified and experienced and will do their best to assure you an enjoyable trip.  They are courteous, caring and have been trained in basic first aid and CPR, as well as emergency procedures and defensive driving.  The vehicles in the system have an excellent safety record and are clean and ready for use at all times.  They also have air conditioners for a cool, comfortable ride.  We are dedicated to providing safe, dependable, and economical transit services to our passengers.  Therefore, this system does comply with all applicable Federal regulations governing workplace anti-drug and alcohol programs in the transit industry.


The public transit system does not provide emergency transportation...please call an ambulance for emergencies.   The Outback Express will not transport passengers for surgical reasons.  The system is not equipped to assist passengers should post-operative complications develop during the trip home.


Service animals trained to provide assistance are welcome to use the system.